Clarity Tank is a plug-in ready complete sensory deprivation tank with various amenities

The pod is 98" long x 47" wide x 59" tall. The float tank has a White acrylic finish, Hydraulics to help lift the lid, and a removable top to allow the pod to be moved through small door frames or taken off for floaters who are uncomfortable with confined spaces. Also comes with lights.

The filter/control panel is 26" long x 27" wide x 32" tall 


Filter: Specially designed to retain a high salt concentration in the tub while still removing material refuse from the water. It takes 10 minutes per cycle to filter the water after each use

Comes with a portable speaker that can be accessed via bluetooth on your phone.

Water Heater: Can adjust from 60-120 degrees Fahrenheit. Is able to maintain water temperature without running the pump. This allows the water to keep a consistent temperature during long floating sessions without making noise. 5kW, 100V, 50 Hz

Water Pump: 750 Watts, 7.2A 115 Volts. Only activates during filtration cycles to maintain a peaceful, noiseless environment during a float session. Each cycle takes 10 minutes to thoroughly clean the water from the prior float.

UV/Ozone: Although water with such high concentrations of epsom salt is effectively sterile, we still take extra precaution to ensure that no unwanted pathogens can survive in the water of the pod. UV and Ozone treatment maintain a sterile environment to ensure sanitary floating.

Epsom Salt: We offer a free years worth of epsom salt with every purchase. Each batch of our epsom salt is tested to ensure a purity of 99.5% which meets USP testing standards.

Additional Features Available Upon Request