What else do I need after purchase? 

Each purchase comes standard with everything you need to get started. You will need an electrician to hookup the 220V control panel. The rest can be done by anyone. All you do is connect a couple screw-on PVC pipes and then fill the tank with the proper amount of water and salt.

How profitable is a float tank?

Spas commonly charge 50-100$ per session. Therefore if you get 100 Sessions per month, or approximately 3 per day, you will make between $5000-10000 dollars per month. Depending on the demand for float sessions in your demographic, your results will vary.

Why is Clarity Tank so affordable compared to the competition?

All the workers at Clarity Tank wear many hats, so there are no expensive levels of management that carry over into the price of the pod. Clarity Tank also has no corporate headquarters or stockholders to appease. This allows the Clarity Tank cooperative to offer the most competitive pricing ever seen for float tanks, while still offering the optimal aesthetic appeal and functionality

What sort of warranty does Clarity Tank offer?

We never want an unsatisfied user. Therefore, we offer a one year warranty on the entire pod which gives you ample time to make your cost back and more. We are confident in the parts we use, so we also offer a standard extended 5 year warranty on the components within the control panel (heater, pump, and filtration housing). This effectively minimizes risk on your investment.

What Sort of Upkeep is required for Float Tanks?

Because float tanks are filled with super high salinity water, no bacteria can grow in the water, making it a mostly sterile environment. This is where the "Dead Sea" gets its name - no bacteria can live in its high salinity conditions. The filters which come with every Clarity Tank will filter particulate matter to ensure a clean system.


How easy is it to float?

Effortless. The water is saturated with epsom salt - which we provide your first batch free - so your body is buoyant like a cork.


What is the cost of shipping?

We do a flat rate of $500 to the continental US. contact us for shipping to other areas or countries